A brief history of the Corner

Aug 1996 - Brian's Corner had it's beginning to fill a need. I needed to access my bookmarks from work and home. This became the beginnings of the site. The site initially only had 4 pages. One of them still exists on today's site, though it has changed a bit over time.

Version 1
Jun 2000 - After a number of years, the site needed a change. Based on some work I was doing professionally, the site was updated. Buttons that responded to the cursor were added. A main page was also designed to provide some dynamic content.

Version 2
Jan 2001 - While the new changes were good, the site needed more of a personality. With this revision, most of the back-end code stayed the same, the new overall design required a bit of reworking with tables to generate a more involved layout including customized images on the upper-right and lower-left corners. Also, the web links collection had grown from two pages to three.

Version 3
May 2001 - I needed to add more categories as the site was about to undergo a major transformation on the back-end. These changes required smaller navigation buttons. These redesigned buttons allowed new categories. Behind the scenes the site began to diversify from it's original heritage of HTML and JavaScript. New coding with PHP, MySQL, and CSS was added to the site.

Version 3.5
May 2004 - The new coding presented opportunites for growth. The only thing limiting the site was screen real estate. That called for a new design. This design, though completely inspired by the old, is brand new. It continues to use more coding based on CSS, PHP, and MySQL. These improvements add functionality and simplify updates.

Version 4
Aug 2004 - Until recently, three of the original pages were still on the site. The content originally on the home page had transformed first into the Mac Links page and ultimately the Links index. Though it is far more powerful, it still maintains some of the original look and feel. A very recent change to the site includes a bolder set of navigation buttons and title text.

Version 4.5
Nov 2007 - As part of the cleanup and coding changes over the prior two years, the forums and image gallery were rethemed. The new themes tied into each other, and had a better fit with the overall appearance of the web site. Part of this include bridging the accounts between the forum and image gallery. The forum membership determines which pictures and galleries are visible.

Version 5 - Image
Dec 2007 - There are many changes that have occured under the hood since 2004. The Frames / No Frames are now handled by CSS, and a padlock icon replaces the wording. Significant portions of the code have moved from tables to CSS. AJAX with Prototype and Scriptaculous have provided some nice effects with the weather system. The news system has been completely rewritten and is AJAX based. The images are tied to login and "slideshow" while on the page.

Version 5 - Main
Dec 2008 - Continuous Improvements... behind the scenes: more code consolidations and standardization. Up front: a universal login system, universal search, and a completely new weather system with radar and detailed weather information. The navigation buttons are now completely CSS and HTML (new buttons do not reqiure new images). More dynamic code based on logged in user as well. The news system also fetches its articles behind the scenes. Updates are so fast, the option to change when they occur has been removed.

Version 5.1 - Main
Apr 2010 - Major updates to the Forum and Gallery software inspired a new color palette for the site. The old colors had served the site well for nine plus years. It was time for a change. The new Forum is visible here. Additional consolidation of code and simplification were performed on the site. The Weather system has been promoted as a top "menu bar" item.

Version 5.2 - Image
October 2013 - Refreshing the Refresh... updated logo, simpler & flatter design, fewer images. The links pages have a tree view that was added quite some time back, as was the new calendar icon on the upper right. Over the past 3 years, there have been many incremental updates to the site and components.

Version 5.3 - Image

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