Covid hospitalizations reach highs of last summer as Biden tries to win over unvaccinated – live - The Guardian
Miami Beach police arrested after assaulting suspect, top prosecutor says - The Washington Post
Best race ever? Warholm wins record-setting hurdles race - Associated Press
PepsiCo to sell Tropicana, other juice brands for $3.3 billion - Reuters
Fourth officer who responded to US Capitol attack dies by suicide - The Guardian
Alibaba Earnings Beat Expectations. Why the Stock Is Dropping. - Barron's
U.S. Stocks Open Higher Amid Earnings Optimism - The Wall Street Journal
Covid Delta Variant Safety: Your Questions Answered - The New York Times
NYC Expected to Require Vaccination Proof for Indoor Dining and Fitness - The New York Times
Biden to address U.S. on vaccinations, announce 110M doses sent abroad: Live COVID-19 updates - USA TODAY
2 employees shot at Smile Direct Club in Antioch, Tennessee, gunman shot by police - CNN
2 employees shot at SmileDirectClub in Antioch, Tennessee, and police say they shot gunman - CNN
Kim Jong Un's mysterious head bandage fuels further speculation about his health - The Washington Post
Ron Johnson suggests, without evidence, FBI had advance knowledge of January 6 riot but did nothing - CNN
Florida district drops mask mandate after DeSantis threatens funding cut | TheHill - The Hill
Olympics 2021 live updates - Noah Lyles, Erriyon Knighton in 200m final, Athing Mu wins gold, Kevin Durant, USA move on - ESPN
Vitaly Shishov, prominent Belarusian activist, found dead in Ukraine park - The Washington Post
German warship ‘Bayern’ heads to the Indo-Pacific - Yahoo News
Memory DOES Matter for APUs - Ryzen 5 5600G & Ryzen 7 5700G Frequency & Timings Testing - Hardware Canucks
Cadillac saves its best for last: The 2022 CT4-V Blackwing - Ars Technica
This controversial real-time crime alert app is now selling access to its safety agents - CNN
Nikola reports narrower-than-expected loss during second quarter - CNBC
Here's how schools should handle a Covid-19 outbreak, experts say - CNN
NBA free agency reaction: Lonzo Ball to the Bulls, Chris Paul stays and Kyle Lowry to Miami | KJZ - ESPN
Jenna Dewan: Channing Tatum 'wasn't available' after I gave birth - Page Six
Tyson Foods will require its U.S. workforce to get vaccinated - CNBC
Titanic museum visitors hospitalized in Tennessee after iceberg wall collapses - New York Post
'These are the darkest days of the pandemic,' Louisiana hospital administrator says as state struggles with rising Covid-19 cases - CNN
US Covid-19 hospitalizations top 50,000 for first time since February. In Louisiana, 'These are the darkest days of the pandemic,' a hospital administrator says - CNN
Bennett: Iran’s days of igniting the Middle East are over - The Jerusalem Post
How the decisions of 5-stars Quinn Ewers and Jaheim Singletary impacts Ohio State football’s 2021 and 2022 re -
Why the internet in Cuba has become a US political hot potato - The Guardian
SolarEdge shares surge after quarterly earnings top estimates - CNBC
Rosenthal: Reds inquired about Kris Bryant at trade deadline - The Athletic
Blizzard president J. Allen Brack is out after sexual harassment suit, employee walkout - The Verge
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May 18, 2021, 8:59 am
The News system has been updated. Faster and more consistent display.

Tech Details: Feed links are working. Open articles resize with the browser window and settings options. Time of day is calculated by the browser, eliminating time zone issues. News is updated every 10 minutes (was 20 minutes). News is kept for 48 hours (was 24 hours). Displays updated to reflect keeping the data longer (instead of "34 hours"... "1 day, 10 hours"). New display option (100 articles). When there are multiple feed matches, the top matching feed on the list is always the one displayed. News Javascript processing is asynchronous, allowing weather to load faster. Articles load from files, not the database. This eliminates the large text field, reducing disk-based temp tables, and eliminating PHP processing on request. Articles are cached on the browser page until a news refresh. Article text search is maintained with a 511 character copy of the article with HTML tags removed.

On other fronts... upgrades all around. New versions of Nginx, PHP, MariaDB, Coppermine Gallery. Changed MyISAM tables to Aria (more efficient). Most of the tables are InnoDB.
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Feb 19, 2021, 4:21 am
The weather code was expanded to include current conditions, alerts, hourly definition in daily graphs, real feel, precipitation, wind, snow, clouds, humidity, visibility, pressure, and solar graphs. Changed the icons to a weather icon font. Added loading indicator when changing locations. Added buttons to jump through the forecast one day at a time. Significant performance enhancements: Graph loading time was reduced by over 10 times. Graphing library was customized to include only necessary functions (85% reduction).

Elsewhere on the site: Script loading is optimized (header code was in-lined to allow removing main page code from all other pages), images collapsed (reduced image load counts by up to half). Initial news load is in main page request, eliminating the loading delay.
Weather is Changing...
Jan 20, 2021, 12:46 pm
The Weather Code has changed. With Apple's acquisition of DarkSky, the feed was going to go dark soon... It took me a while to find a replacement. VisualCrossing is filling the gap. Their weather magnet is sleek, modern, and open source.

I was able to maintain my existing location code (from Google Maps API), tie it into their system, and build a caching engine to minimize API usage. They had a nice location search function, but it did not align with my caching strategy.

Another recent change... larger fonts. The site is a bit easier to read without zooming in. And, of course, the typical array of micro optimizations throughout.