WHO: Vaccine makers should plan to adjust COVID-19 jabs – Live -
Large scale Russian offensive possible in January, Ukraine says - Reuters
Cementing ties with France, UAE places $19 bln order for warplanes, helicopters - Reuters
Vaccination, not travel curbs, key to battling Omicron, WHO says - Reuters
Michigan school shooting – latest: Sheriff criticises school for not reporting Ethan Crumbley before attack - The Independent
Gableman threatens jail time for Madison, Green Bay mayors if they don't sit for interview -
DA who released Waukesha suspect ahead of tragedy says it was the result of human error by an overworked staffer - CNN
Government shutdown averted as Congress passes short-term funding bill - CBS News
US Army and FAA investigating military flyover of NFL game - CNN
Aariel Maynor arrested in killing of Jacqueline Avant - CBS News
P.J. Fleck plans to bring back Kirk Ciarrocca as Gophers offensive coordinator - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Dow Jones Futures Await Jobs Report After Market Rallies; DocuSign Dives; Tesla Rival Reports Booming EV Sales - Investor's Business Daily
Peng Shuai: Human rights activist Peter Dahlin says IOC is putting Chinese tennis star at 'greater risk' - CNN
Trump's White House doctor facing fresh scrutiny over Covid test timeline - CNN
China's Kaisa starts talks with bondholders as default threat looms - Reuters
Shell scraps plans to develop Cambo oilfield, citing economics not the climate - CNN
Latest on Omicron Variant and Covid-19: Live News - The New York Times
Plenty of people are taking melatonin as a sleep aid. What you should know before you do. - USA TODAY
Retail theft and organized crime are roiling US chains, traumatizing workers - The Washington Post
Microsoft backtracks on Windows 11’s controversial default browser changes - The Verge
Sources - Notre Dame Fighting Irish expected to announce hiring of Marcus Freeman as head football coach Friday morning - ESPN
Sources - Notre Dame Fighting Irish expected to announce hiring of Marcus Freeman as head football coach Friday morning -
UK study finds mRNA COVID-19 vaccines provide biggest booster impact - Reuters
See ads on Facebook comparing Covid vaccine to Holocaust - CNN
Will an F1 race mark the end of Saudi Arabia's ban on alcohol? - The Economist
FIDE World Chess Championship Game 6 | Carlsen vs. Nepo | !format !results -
FIDE World Chess Championship Game 6 | Carlsen vs. Nepo | !format !vote -
So metal: Newly discovered exoplanet is likely over 80 percent iron - Ars Technica
Colombia seizes hundreds of arachnids being illegally smuggled to Europe - NBC News
DocuSign Stock Sinks as It Delivers 'Big Whiff' on Billings Guidance - Barron's
Pakistan police: mob kills Sri Lankan over alleged blasphemy - ABC News
Dow Jones Futures Fall On US Omicron Cases After Market Rallies, DocuSign Dives; Jobs Report On Tap - Investor's Business Daily
Dan Quinn: It was just a cool win - NBC Sports
NY Covid State of Emergency now in effect - 13WHAM-TV
The Bucs will tell us who they are if they keep Antonio Brown - Tampa Bay Times
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