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Site Update

More Weather
Jan 30, 2023, 2:42 pm
I've created a dedicated weather page. The original weather widget that I built was constrained to fit in the space I allocated on my homepage. By having a dedicated page, I have more options for what to display and how to display it.

To start, I have split the graphs into a "tower" of graphs. One view to show temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, wind speed, humidity, pressure, visibility, UV index, and snow (if it's in the forecast) simultaneously. This uses the same data feed as the weather on the main page, which is cached. Performance should be very good.

Next up, what data do I have that is not being displayed? Are there opportunities to optimize the look and overall performance?
Redis and Caching
Nov 11, 2022, 12:08 pm
Redis is an in-memory data structure store, used as a distributed, in-memory key–value database, cache and message broker, with optional durability. What does it mean? By using Redis to hold dynamic values in memory that are typically held in a database or file, the website can access those values faster. Faster access means faster web page delivery.

Redis has been enabled for login (session) caching, which is processed on every page load. The Gallery has a newly implemented caching engine (file-based), speeding it up (and reducing server load).

Over the past year, there have been updates for many of the components and systems running this site. The Zend Optimizer memory allocations have been sized appropriately... ensuring most of the code execution is cached. My custom code has been optimized. By reducing unnecessary code, adjusting execution timing, and simplifying overly complicated code, I have been able to gain even more performance out of the site.
Cookies Lightened
Oct 3, 2021, 12:48 am
News settings were not sticking very long. Cookies set by JavaScript only stay for a week on Safari. The news feed query is done server side and embedded into the home page. These settings need to be cookies.

Moved the news cookie setting code into PHP to bypass the Safari limitation.

To minimize cookies, which are sent on every HTTP request, the links cookies have been isolated to the links pages.

In other news, button colors needed to be explicitly set for Safari 15. They turned blue if they linked to anything. Problem solved, along with other maintenance and security updates.